Our Approach

We believe that people's work environment affects their mood, behavior and productivity...and subsequently, their success. This affects the bottom line for businesses and non-profits and teacher/student performance in educational settings. Whatever the work setting, it is important to have the best furnishing, equipment and supplies to make your workplace run smoothly and efficiently. This doesn't always mean the most expensive solution; we value design, ergonomics, functionality and economy.

Your best office solution doesn't have to cost a lot, but it can still look like it does!

Our Story

We grew up in the office supply/furniture industry. Marcia and Marlene worked in the family office supply company for many years since its purchase in 1984 in Bethesda, MD. After earning degrees in Law and in Marketing, they returned to the family business and then, with over 40 years combined office/education products/furniture industry experience, they ventured off on their own to start Agile Office.

We believe in design.
We believe in aesthetic.
We believe in functionality.
We believe in collaboration.

We believe that office products CAN be fashionable.
We believe that everyone should love their workspace.

We believe that times change, people change, technology changes...your office should change too...make yours an Agile Office!

Be Agile. Be Ready.

Our Team

Our team members have an average of 20 years of office products experience, most of which has been with our family business. We are all local to the MD/DC area and believe in supporting our local economy. When you call Agile Office, you'll always get a human answering the phone during business hours - not a phone tree. Our in-house drivers deliver your orders to your desktop, next day for most supplies.

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